Highlights from the Thailand BIG+BIH Fair 2015

Thailand’s BIG+BIH Fair is a great source of design trends sweeping Asia and the rest of the world

Highlights from the Thailand BIG+BIH Fair 2015

Thailand’s Bangkok International Gift Fair and Bangkok International Houseware Fair (BIG + BIH) is held twice a year, and draws an international crowd. During the exhibition, buyers, trendsetters and trade visitors are privy to the latest design trends in Thailand and the region.

For many years, Thailand has been the prime source of well-crafted traditional furniture, especially during the height of the popular resort-styled homes. Traditional skilled craftsmen passed down their knowledge working with materials like rattan, wicker, brass, leather and wood, and Thai-made furniture and homeware became regular fixtures in homes around the world.

But over the last few years, Thailand’s young designers have embraced the popularity of modern design. Influenced by trends and contemporary design movements, the design scene in Thailand has been thriving and evolving. At the same time, these young designers are still holding on to their skills and workmanship that have been passed down over the years. The result is an aesthetic that features contemporary designs backed by a respect for quality, craftsmanship and the environment. 

The BIG+BIH 2015 fair is a great place to look at the latest trends sweeping Thailand and the rest of Asia. Looks that are popular in Singapore are also apparent in Bangkok, including the stark Scandinavian influences, the raw Industrial style, and the homely cafe culture look. Here are some of the highlights we spotted.





Like in Singapore, the Scandinavian look is a rising trend in Thai homes. The neutral colours, organic materials and clean lines can be seen in many furniture and homeware displays.



Industrial influences were also evident in many furniture displays. Thailand is a trove of natural, raw materials, and these can be seen in the works of many young designers.




Thailand is well regarded as place for wellness, health and beauty, and this is reflected in its design scene. Japanese influences are evident in the bedrooms, where young designers have built a space for complete rest and relaxation.





Natural materials play an important part in Thailand’s design scene. From wood cut down from local trees, to organic stones carved out from countrysides, the environmentally friendly and sustainable sources result in beautifully made homeware that the entire world can enjoy.





The BIG+BIH fair also showcased some unique designs. These trendsetting designers are creating waves in and around Asia, with forward-thinking designs that can easily rival its international counterparts.






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