SYSTEM 2 Disinfectant Dispenser

emco Bad

    emco Bad’s sensor-operated disinfectant dispensers are an optimal solution to frequent hand hygiene. They feature touch-free sensor technology and are built from high-quality, anodised and antibacterial aluminium.

    The dispenser has three types of 800ml containers for different forms of sanitisers: disinfectant gel, liquid disinfectant and foam. The container can be easily mounted on the stand, which is equipped with a drip tray, but is also suitable for wall mounting. If necessary, the battery-operated SYSTEM 2 can be operated via a power supply kit.


    Container: 122mm (width) x 270mm (height) x 106mm (depth)
    Stand: 120mm (width) x 1194mm (height) x 30mm (depth)
    Base: 285mm x 285mm



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