A five-room BTO flat to chill, live and work

See how OVON has turned a standard BTO flat in Sengkang into a warm and inviting home with plenty of space for a married couple to relax, enjoy their hobbies and work.

Home Type: 5-room HDB flat

Floor Area: 1,216sqft

Text by Janice Seow

The owners of this five-room BTO flat in Sengkang are a married couple who wanted a home where they could relax and chill and do the things they love. Since they also work from home on some days, they needed a dedicated room where they could focus on work as well.

5-room BTO flat

The idea of simplicity appealed to them, but they also desired standout features that would give the place character.

5-room BTO flat

Their interior designers at OVON have selected soft neutral colours and woody textures to give the home a warm and soothing ambience. The space feels spacious and free-flowing with the kitchen island, living and dining sitting in one open space. This is enhanced by the widened entryway into the wet kitchen and glass bi-fold door to the study that allow for greater visual connection to the different parts of the house, and for more light to pass through.

5-room BTO flat

The lady of the house enjoys baking at the island and it’s also where the couple entertain their friends. Being coffee drinkers, the pair also spends a lot of time at the pantry making their favourite brew and enjoying it at the dining area next to it.

Storage has been seamlessly integrated into different parts of the home to ensure that it would be clutter-free and maintain a calm and serene atmosphere always. For practical reasons, the owners also opted for tiled floors and sintered stone kitchen surfaces that would be easy to clean and maintain.

5-room BTO flat

Two rooms in this five-room BTO flat have been combined to create an enlarged study that’s spacious enough for the couple to work, and even chill, and it features a huge modular sofa that can be turned into a guest bed should friends stay over. In future, the room can also be converted into a kid’s room should the couple have children.

Unlike the rest of the home, the common bathroom carries an eclectic style with colourful tiles and patterns making this space a talking point when guests visit.

Lime plaster walls along the hallway and in the master bedroom bring texture and a brutalist touch to the home. The master bathroom is a much darker space where marble tiles and ambient lighting create luxurious hotel vibes.


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