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Vän Hus Interior Design

Established: 2014

Vän Hus Interior Design Profile

Image profile: Jason Tan, Designer; Eugene Pang, Designer; Russel Chan, Designer; Keith Ng, Designer
Location: Vän Hus Interior Design’s showroom. “We spend most of our time working, playing and laughing together in our showroom. It is like our little sanctuary, filled with many great knowledge and memories,” says founder BB Cheah.

What is your company’s background?
We are Vän Hus (pronounced as ven-hoos), which literally means ‘friend’ and ‘house’ in Swedish. Vän Hus Interior Design was created out of the deep trust and friendship between our founders, BB Cheah and Roy Chong. The initial client-designer relationship grew to friendship and soon after, a business partnership.

What is your firm’s design identity?
At Vän Hus, we treat everyone like friends. We design based on our friends’ needs and preferences while adding creative and unique ideas to their beautiful residences. This combination results in homes filled with love and identity.

What is your best design advice?
Everyone is unique. Put yourself in the other person’s shoes. By understanding the person at a deeper level, you will be able to plan out possibly the best design for that person.

“Our daily life and habits play a big part when it comes to creating a purposeful space.”
– BB Cheah, Founder / (65) 6684 4660 / / 11 Woodlands Close #01-44, Singapore 737853

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