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Luxury makeover of a condo apartment

A cramped family home that had already gone through multiple renovations before has now gotten a new 180-degree makeover by Design Rebirth.

Home Type: 2-bedroom condominium unit

Floor Area: 1,800sqft

Text by Angela Low

Italian carrara marble, a high-grade natural stone that Michelangelo used to carve many of his iconic statues, is used for the floors of this apartment. It is a classic element that elevates the luxury quotient of the interior and offers a contrasting texture to the wood-dominated space. The wall of wooden panels by the dining table hides the common corridor, while doubling as a storage unit for the family’s extensive wine collection.

luxury makeover design rebirth

Creating a cocoon of warmth in the living room, the statement ceiling feature combines timber panels of varying lengths with calm accent lighting. It brings attention to the height of the ceiling, playing with the different depths of space. The wall opposite the TV console is also clad entirely in bronze-tinted mirrors, which adds to the cosy ambience and creates the illusion of a larger footprint.

luxury makeover design rebirth

Behind the TV console are padded surfaces, installed solely to improve the acoustics of the space. In addition, they balance out the hard wood finishes with a soft touch and add to the cosiness of the space. To match the look of the living room, the designers chose a pair of high-end standing speakers from Bang and Olufsen with a sleek, wood design as well.

luxury makeover design rebirth

An L-shaped breakfast bar in the kitchen provides additional space for dinner guests, and serves as a transitional feature between the kitchen and the dining area. It also features automated glass sliding doors, a sophisticated feature that keeps the interiors visually open, bright and spacious, while preventing cooking odours from invading the common areas.

luxury makeover design rebirth

Despite the bedroom’s tight footprint, the designers managed to elevate the elegance of the room with a bedside partition, comprising of wood strips and a metal frame. The floor-to-ceiling feature emphasises the height of the space, while its open slots cast a striking shadow over the soothing space.

luxury makeover design rebirth

Design Rebirth

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