Welcome Touch from ABB

Welcome Touch is an innovative door system from ABB

Welcome Touch from ABB
Door systems offer an added level of security for the house, acting as a gateway between your home and the world outside. Welcome Touch from ABB is an innovative door system that fulfills the demands made on door communication, while improving comfort and safety at home. 
The surface-mounted system features a high-resolution touch display screen that gives you a clear view of what’s happening at the front door. You can even use this large screen to display your photos with the electronic picture frame function. 
Aside from its comfortable size, the ABB Welcome Touch has additional features for your door communication. When a visitor calls at the door, the camera image automatically turns on. And during the conversation, the clever device spontaneously captures images of the guests. Even when there is no one at home to answer the door, Welcome Touch automatically takes three pictures each time the bell is rung. Another useful feature is the option to customise your system. Choose from five doorbell sounds and adjust its volume to your liking. 
Convenience and comfort as important factors for this door system, and operating it is fast and intuitive. The touch display features six easy-to-understand operation keys, including a door opener and a mute function. 
The Welcome Touch is available in three colours: studio white matt, aluminium silver and anthracite white. 


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