Tres Tintas Barcelona by Tat Ming

Transform your living space into a work of art with the Art Gallery Collection from Tres Tintas Barcelona.

Tres Tintas Barcelona by Tat Ming

When it comes to interior design, what you put on your walls could transform the appearance of your home or office. There are so many fascinating options out there that painted walls are almost a nostalgic memory of the yesteryear. Wallpaper, for instance, 
can instantly turn a plain room into a 
contemporary space, a rustic nook or a cosy world infused with your own personal style.

For art lovers who dream about filling their walls with the works of artists, Tat Ming Wallpaper Company has brought in an exciting collection of wallpaper designs. The collection is produced by Tres Tintas Barcelona, a painted paper and fabrics company from Spain, and is a collaboration by the company with 25 prestigious artists from all over the world. The collection, fondly known as The Art Gallery, is a series of wallpaper products created in the form of murals and panels that are easily adaptable to meet different dimensions.


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