TraceLess Fingerprint Resistant Laminates from Admira

Admira’s new TraceLess technology prevents fingerprints and stains on its High Pressure Laminates

  • TraceLess Fingerprint Resistant Laminates from Admira

One of the biggest problems that comes with using laminates at home is that they are prone to collect stains and unsightly fingerprint marks. This is especially true on dark matt laminates, where designers avoid using them in high touch traffic areas like bedroom doors and kitchen counters.

Admira’s new TraceLess technology is poised to solve these problems using a patented Japanese overlay technology. The high pressure laminate surface can easily avoid or reduce the retention of oil and moisture that forms such common visible touch stains.

This innovative surface technology has garnered both the iF Design Awards (from the International Forum Design in Germany) and also the Good Design Award (G Mark from Japan Industrial Design Promotion Organisation).




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