Sink into these 6 stylish must-have armchairs

We shed the limelight on six comfortable armchairs that also make for stylish additions to your living space

Sink into these 6 stylish must-have armchairs
Nothing beats the quiet joy of easing into a comfortable armchair at home and letting all stress and anxiety dissipate after a long day at work. Here, we shine the light on six of our fave armchairs that also make for stylish additions to the living space. By Arman Shah


BoConcept - Fusion Chair 02

BoConcept - Fusion Chair 01

Conceptualised by Japanese design firm Nendo, Fusion is part of a thirteen-piece collection that’s created specially for Danish furniture maker BoConcept. This stylish armchair is inspired by the traditional Japanese art of origami, where a two-dimensional sheet of paper is folded to create a three-dimensional structure. Note: Each piece is customisable and produced only upon order.

From BoConcept


Proof - Juliet 02

Proof - Juliet 01

A fan of the elaborate and whimsical dresses that women would wear during the Elizabethan era? This armchair – romantically named Juliet – draws inspiration from the fashion that was prevalent during that historical period. The masterful stitching and embroidery by Italian furniture maker Poltrona Frau creates an aesthetic that’s reminiscent of the ruffling of women’s sleeves. Available in a passionate shade of red.

From Proof

Chom Chom

OM - Chom Chom 01

OM - Chom Chom 02

If you prefer sturdy structure over thick layers of fabric, you will love the Chom Chom armchair. Designed by award-winning architect and product designer Sean Dix, this piece of furniture is crafted from tubular steel and is incredibly durable. At the same time, the leather seat feature guarantees comfort. An exciting piece of trivia: the armchair was originally designed for a popular restaurant in Hong Kong of the same name.

From OM


Lifestorey - Moai 01

Lifestorey - Moai 02

Looking for a tranquil retreat from the hustle and bustle of city life? Just sink into the cosy comforts of the Moai chair. Conceptualised by Danish designer Philip Bro Ludvigsen, it’s inspired by the natural stones you can find rolling around the beach, reinforcing the chair’s function as an “unplugged” sanctuary. The elaborate shell-like form that surrounds you also makes it feel like you’re in a quiet room on four legs.

From Lifestorey


Furniture Club - Vast 01

Furniture Club - Vast 02

Big, bold and beautiful, Vast makes for a stunning statement piece that will get the luncheon and dinner party conversations started. Designed by furniture company Camerich, its solid birch seat and backrest with plywood reinforcements ensures sturdiness without compromising on comfort. The chair is available in leather or fabric and either complements its grey oak arms.

From Furniture Club

Oliver Tub

King Living - Oliver Tub 01

King Living - Oliver Tub 03

If you have spatial constraints, the Oliver Tub Chair might be exactly what the house style doctor prescribed. Designed for compact spaces, it can be a standalone piece or paired with other lounge furniture to create a welcoming living space. Customisable, this exceptionally plush armchair lets you choose from a wide range of premium fabrics and luxurious European leathers.

From King Living


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