Shopping secrets! The inside scoop from Journey East

Journey East is the go-to store for reclaimed teak wood furniture, industrial-styled furnishings, vintage and retro designs, as well as modern designer furniture pieces and home accessories. Its director, Anita Sam, reveals her favourite product in store right now, and where she likes to shop when she travels.

  • Shopping secrets! The inside scoop from Journey East

  • Shopping secrets! The inside scoop from Journey East

  • Shopping secrets! The inside scoop from Journey East

  • Shopping secrets! The inside scoop from Journey East

Text by Janice Seow

What’s your favourite product in the store at the moment (or of all time)?

That’s a really hard choice to make, since every one is hand-picked and has a significant meaning. If I had to pick one for the moment, it would be the new Qeeboo Rabbit Chair in the metallic copper finish. It’s luxurious, on-trend, and yet also simple-chic.

Qeeboo Rabbit Chair
Qeeboo Rabbit Chair

Where do you like to shop when overseas?

Surprisingly, I enjoy visiting supermarkets if I have the time. While walking the aisles I can dream of all the dinners I can cook up in my own kitchen (which is also the reason why I favour Airbnb apartments over hotels).

My favourite store in Paris is Colette for its interesting and unique mix of quirky products – so sad to hear that it’s closing in December! The Nine Streets in Amsterdam is also a lovely place to shop, especially since The Dylan hotel is just around the corner for cocktails. Another favourite is Granville Island Public Market in Vancouver – it’s a farmers’ market with a lively arts scene.

Which of your store’s products do you have at home?

Many of the Journey East pieces in my home were procured when we started 22 years ago. I have some beautiful teak Asian Art Deco and Art Nouveau pieces from the early 1900s. Later on I also picked up some d-Bodhi pieces (when I first met them more than 10 years ago, before they became established as d-Bodhi!). I also have a Pappelina rug for my kitchen, since it’s fun, colourful, and easy to clean.

dB Essentials Dining Table

What are some of the most popular buys in your store?

Our ‘legacy collections’ such as our offering of original vintage furniture and reclaimed teak wood have become established in Singapore over the years, and continue to prove popular with our customers – in fact many of them come back to add on to their collection of pieces, especially if they shift homes or return to Singapore after a period of absence. However our newer collections, such as the more modern pieces, are also gaining in popularity.

How do you decide which brands/products to carry in your store?

I close my eyes and throw a dart at a wall full of pictures! OK seriously, each brand/collection is carefully considered before they are acquired. Every product should be well-designed, well-made, and synergize with the rest of our offerings. We like to be experimental in our sourcing, and this direction has been well-received by our customers. If possible, we also like to work with partners who have social and environmental consciousness.

Journey East

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