River Valley Road: The Next Furniture Shopping Destination

Time to hit up the furniture stores along River Valley Road

River Valley Road: The Next Furniture Shopping Destination

The hunt for furniture hotspots continues, and this time around, we traipsed down River Valley Road (and its offshoot streets) in search of furniture, homeware and soft furnishings. We found a luxury furniture store, a boutique fabric house and a couple of shops selling unique home accessories.




Anchoring one end of the stretch of River Valley Road is a shopping destination that draws a discerning crowd of design lovers. Dream has nurtured a reputation for offering a tasteful range of premium designer furniture since it opened its doors in 2006. We’re spoilt for choice by timeless classics and modern contemporaries from recognised brands like Cassina, Knoll, Cappellini and Porro. The crowd is just as diverse: urban dwellers, design lovers, interiors designers and architects, all come to Dream when they’re looking for quality designs.

Our favourite part of visiting Dream? The showroom highlights and emphasises each brand’s portfolio, making a visit somewhat similar to a trip to a design museum!

456 River Valley Road
Singapore 248342

E&A Interiors

River-Valley_E&A-InteriorsFinding the right kind of fabric for your home can be quite a challenge, especially if you’re looking for quality textiles that’s uniquely different. Try hitting up boutique interior design house E&A Interiors for a change. you’ll find more than thirty new fabric, wallpaper and rug brands from independent boutiques in New York, Paris, Belgium and Los Angeles, among other cities. Looking for familiar names? Some of the fabric brands include Raoul TExtiles, Carolina Irving, Peter Dunham and Vanderhund. It’s not just designer names that dominate; take a minute to check out the lovely in-house fabric collections.

E&A Interiors
46 Kim Yam Road
Singapore 239351


AF Homes


AF Home sits pretty at the far end of River Valley. It might be easy to miss the 3-storey shophouse if you’re not keeping an eye out for it, but it’s definitely a treasure worth checking out. Here, you’ll find an eclectic collection of homeware and lifestyle accessories that have been sourced from all around the world. From quirky photo frames to indulgent tableware, AF Home is a good place to check out if you want to bring beauty into your home.

There’s also an in-house design studio here that customises carpets, curtains and wallpapers (head to the mezzanine level for a closer look). There are even more accessories on the second floor, as well as a collection furniture and soft furnishings that can complete the look in your home.

AF Home
276 River Valley Road
Singapore 238317


The GoDown


Although it’s slightly off the trail, The GoDown and Zion Road is a must-visit for shoppers who are looking for organic forms, rustic charm and a neutral, earthy feel in their homeware and decor items. This quaint store takes its name from historical warehouse spaces from the 19th and 20th centuries. Like its namesake, The GoDown carries treasures from all over the world, acting as a temporary “warehouse” before the the items find a permanent home with the store’s customers.

What we love about this hipster hotspot is the feeling you get when shopping here: it’s almost like a condensed sourcing trop around the world. The items hail from far-flung places like Indonesia, Hong Kong, the United States and Denmark, with new collections arriving every month.

The GoDown
44 Zion Road
Singapore 247776

Also In The Area:

John Erdos
John Erdos has comfortably settled into its new home after moving out of its Dempsey Hill premises. We love the heavyset wooden furniture and we’re extremely partial to the collection of rugs and shag carpets.

274 River Valley Road
Singapore 238316

Le Article
Just off River Valley Road is a quaint shophouse that stands out with its collection of Victorian and French furniture. Looking for a romantic, old-school abode? You should definitely check this place out.

2 & 4 Hoot Kiam Road
Singapore 249392

In Situ
From furniture to art to antiques, this showroom houses a wide array of homeware from independent designers. Wood furniture and decor items are the main draw, and you’ll find some unique pieces that have been inspired by nature itself.

238 River Valley Road
Singapore 238296

Head to Mosaico to check out the wide selection of European mosaics, including high-end artistic mosaic creations. You’ll learn that mosaic tiles can be applied on both indoor and outdoor walls, and that you can use them to represent feng shui elements as well!

240a River Valley Road
Singapore 238297




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