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Prologue Collection by Scanteak and Outofstock

Scanteak unveils the Prologue Collection

Scanteak has always been a name synonymous with quality, long-lasting teak wood furniture. The brand has a foothold in countries like Taiwan, Japan, Germany and the US, thanks to its Scandinavian design teak furniture. For the past two years, Scanteak has been working closely with design collective Outofstock, researching and developing a collaborative modern luxury collection.

The initiative – supported by government agencies, the DesignSingapore Council of the Ministry of Communications and Information (MCI) and SPRING Singapore – involved intensive research and development in Japan. The designers spent two years studying and interviewing Japanese homes, and created the Prologue Collection based on their studies.

Each of the twelve pieces in the Prologue Collection is unique, elegant and impeccably crafted, combining modern minimalism with functionality that would work wonders in smaller homes in Japan and the rest of Asia.

The Duo coffee table is the perfect size for compact living rooms. It’s also just the right height for owners who like to sit on the floor and use the coffee table as a desk.

The designers understand that when space is scarce, your furniture might need to work twice as hard. The Duo swivel bench is a brilliant idea with its reversible back rest. Sit facing the dining table or face the opposite direction, just by swinging the back.

Similarly, the Duo sofa impresses with its minimalist slant and compact size.


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