Piquattro Sofas by Castilla

Offering superior quality, comfort and reliability, Piquattro sofas are some of the most sought-after around.

Piquattro Sofas by Castilla

For over 27 years, Italian sofa maker Piquattro has been winning a loyal following of customers around the world. The people 
at Piquattro take the design and production 
of their sofas seriously, looking into the 
finer details of the technology and materials used to produce sofas of high quality 
and comfort.

With the help of its design and development team, Piquattro tests and analyses countless prototypes before a new design can be introduced to the market. The entire process involves studying the endurance and softness of the leather upholstery used, the support that the padding provided and the quality of the materials used.

For one, Piquattro uses polyurethane foams that are non-toxic and compatible with the international anti-fire legislation. Craftsmen also cut the leather used for the upholstery by hand, using wood patterns to ensure a perfectly shaped piece. And one of the most crucial steps is to determine that the sofa moulds to the body in an efficient way, so users will feel utmost comfort.


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