One-of-a-kind furniture from Smoke by Shou Sugi Ban Gallery

The finely crafted Live Edge chairs and side tables are so unique, they blur the boundary between function and art.

Text Janice Seow

Homeowners these days are not just savvier when it comes to their home purchases, but an increasing number are also desiring statement-making designs with a story to tell.

At Smoke by Shou Sugi Ban Gallery, one will be hard-pressed to find any two products that look the same. Many of the furniture pieces here are made by hand, using the technique of shou sugi ban. This age-old craft from Japan involves exposing the surface of solid wood to an open flame to burn off the moisture and char the surface. While it was originally invented as a way to prevent fire hazards, the charring effect can also create beautiful decorative embellishments on furniture, as seen in the collections produced by the creative folks at Smoke by Shou Sugi Ban Gallery.

The company carries a wide variety of designs, with many made from wood sourced from around the region. Some of the latest products carried at their store include the Live Edge range of affordable side tables and chairs. Made of solid Suar and Mahogany wood, the Live Edge products are paired with uniquely designed leg supports that give these objects their distinctive character.

Some of the pieces bear the ‘shou sugi ban’ touch, while others take on a modern edge with diamond steel legs. But whichever you decide to go with, you’ll be taking a functional piece of art home with you.


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