NOUS Design Bathroom

Spruce up the look of your bathrooms with these sleek and environmentally friendly basins from NOUS Design Bathroom

NOUS Design Bathroom

Pure crystal, travertine, resin, glass pigments – you would be forgiven if you thought we were talking about jewellery, but basins are what we are really talking about. The new range of basins from NOUS Design Bathroom Products veer away from the usual ceramic ones and now make standing out from the crowd that little bit easier. These swoon-worthy basins come in many refreshing and updated designs and colours that will cater to a range of tastes and styles. Fans of the modern, contemporary style will do well to choose the Ice basin which is made of pure crystal. Spliced with intersecting lines and starburst patterns that reflect light beautifully, the Ice basin oozes cool, cutting-edge chic. 

For a more earthy, resort-like feel, the marble basin with its uneven outer surface exudes a raw, unfinished quality that would fit right into any luxury resort and spa. Those inclined towards an Italian flair can opt for ones made from Murano glass, the latter a famous product from Murano, an island off the shore of Venice, Italy. Adorned in myriad colours and designs tinged with Asian influences – due to Murano being a major trading port centuries ago – basins made from Murano glass will no doubt become a talking point among your guests.


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