Lighting Technology by Schneider Electric

Pieno from Schneider Electric pushes the envelope in switch design.

Lighting Technology by Schneider Electric

Already a leader 
in elegant and well-
designed electrical home solutions, Schneider Electric has pushed the boundaries to come up with a 
new range of light switches, Pieno, which is not only sleeker 
than its precedents 
but also boasts improved technology.

The switch plates from Pieno are characterised by a neat façade with a distinctive jumbo dolly and a slim profile. Each dolly fills its space, stretching to the edge. With the space on the integrated faceplate fully maximised, the design is clean, uncluttered and very discreet. Furthermore, small curves not only accentuate the switch plate’s bold, precise lines, but also subtly inject a grace 
into the overall streamlined aesthetic.

Despite the large size of the dolly, Pieno presents an overall slim profile. This is thanks to the innovative SS Mechanism that is integrated into the switch – the three-degree short-throw switching angle is only half that of conventional rocker-type switches, lending the Pieno the well-recognised tag of the “Slim Rocker”.

Like all products from Schneider Electric, Pieno is designed for a total experience. The “Sure Click” mechanism that is operated with a softer press results in flutter-free switching. This reduces vibration and sparks, hence improving durability and reliability.

Schneider Electric not only presents the best of switch designs, installation efficiency is also taken into consideration. The Pieno features PerfectFace® Switch Architecture with two patented designs that collectively bring unprecedented integrity to the moving parts in rocker-type switches. As the dollies and surrounding parts are integrated into one piece, the installation process is reduced to one step while a consistent distance and perfect alignment between dollies 
and surrounding parts are maintained.

Last but not least, one does not have to worry about shoddy renovation workmanship damaging switch plates. The grid plate is uniquely designed to contour itself to the wall, thus minimising gaps between the switch and an uneven wall. Excessive paint on the mechanism can also be completely covered by the integrated faceplate to maintain a perfect 
wall finishing.

Such detailed 
considerations are characteristic of Schneider Electric’s 
high quality products. 
On top of this, Schneider Electric provides added service through its free Pieno iPhone app. Mix and match walls with electrical switches and sockets to create the perfect home interior.

For more information, contact any of its local distributors or log on to its comprehensive website. 


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