Italian Pieces From Molecule

For sofas oozing with style and substance, look to Molecule’s latest range of Italian sofas.

Italian Pieces From Molecule

As the soul of the living room, the sofa set evokes a sense of luxury, anchors the room and holds together a strong and settled place next to one’s dining room. Home accessories and furniture retailer Molecule understands this. Acting as our conduit to the international interior decoration scene, Molecule brings us stylish pieces from around the world, ranging from bold, modern silhouettes to luxurious, Italian affairs.

Unique pieces by Vibieffe are pure vision of modern Italian elegance. It’s easy to be drawn to the individual pieces’ refined simplicity and carefully studied distinction in style. Vibieffe, having been in the business of upholstered furniture since 1967,  is known internationally for their unmistakable commitment to using only top-quality materials. The result: extremely elegant objects of desire designed to fire up your home and bring to life the intimate atmosphere central to your living space.


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