Ionwood Wood Floor from Supreme Floors

Supreme Floors’ Ionwood floors promote health benefits by emitting negative ions

Ionwood Wood Floor from Supreme Floors
There’s no denying that in a busy city like Singapore, it’s almost impossible to stay away from air pollution. Even the air-conditioned interiors of our homes and offices are filled with bad air and electrical appliances that emit unwanted positive ions. To counter this problem, Supreme Floors recently launched the technologically advanced Ionwood wood floors
Supreme Floors Ionwood constantly releases negative ions into the air, which may introduce a slew of health benefits. A high concentration of negative ions is able to enhance blood circulation, improve sleep quality, provide speedy recovery to tiredness and strengthen the immune system. 
Thanks to 21st century technology, Supreme Floors Ionwood can counterbalance the harmful effects of positive ions that come from air pollutants and electrical appliances. Over-exposure to positive ions can lead to an excessive accumulation of lactic acid in the muscles, resulting in body aches, muscle fatigues and headaches. Positive ions can also acidify our body systems, causing accelerated aging and other illnesses. 
Aside from its ionic properties, Ionwood floors are also scratch resistant, termite resistant, durable and free of formaldehyde. Ionwood comes in a range of wood grains and finishes. 


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