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Home Appliances to Help You Breathe Easy During The Hazy Season

Even the best of us will need a little help keeping the house clean during the hazy season; here are some recommendations for keeping the air fresh and your home dust-free

The haze in Singapore doesn’t look like it’s going away anytime soon, and despite the government’s best effort, it seems like it’s up to us to keep ourselves safe and sound. But even if you strap on your mask and minimise your time outdoors, it’s almost impossible to stop the haze from entering our houses. The result? Dirty floors, dusty surfaces and endless household chores as you double up efforts to keep the home spic and span. Even the best of us will need a little help keeping the house clean during the hazy season. Here are some recommendations for keeping the air fresh and your home dust-free. By Rossara Jamil.





Clean the air inside your house

No matter how tight you shut your windows, the hazy air will still seep into your home. The dusty air can irritate your eyes, nose and skin, so try and clean the air before it starts affecting your health. Air purifiers like the EP-A9000 by Hitachi is packed with features that soak up fine dust and provide humidification. What you’ll get is fresh, clean air that also prevents dryness of skin.





Keep the floors dust-free

A dusty home is especially bad for those with sensitive skin and allergies, which make regular dusting and cleaning a necessity. With the haze around, you’ll need to clean the home even more frequently than usual. Minimise the workload with a powerful, double-duty vacuum cleaner like Bosch In’genius ProSilence. This ultra-silent vacuum cleaner comes with an HEPA filter and Integrated AirSafe System that gets rid of 99.99% impurities.






Make the air smell better

Sad to say, but the faint smell of burnt smoke has become a norm, these last few weeks. The haze brings with it this smoky smell that irritates your nose and throat. Why not boost your cleaning efforts with the pleasant fragrance and healing properties of essential oils? An aroma diffuser, like Novita’s NA 300, releases clean, pleasant-smelling aromas into the air, giving your home that much-needed boost. Try eucalyptus and peppermint essential oils as they’re believed to help clear the lungs.




Ventilate your room

Not one for air purifiers or air conditioners? The AiRazor AR-100 series can be used as a powerful ventilation fan that helps to regulate the air flow. During hazy periods like this one, the AiRazor cover and filter, designed to trap and remove PM2.5 particles, VOCs, odour particles and airborne microorganisms in indoor spaces, will definitely come in handy.




Keep it cool while minimising amount of dust

Some may argue that Singaporeans are too reliant on air-conditioning, but with the haze around, there’s no better time than now to install air-conditioners in your home Most homes will have the windows and doors closed, so the air-con is necessary to cool down your home, but go a step further with air conditioning that comes with powerful filters. The LG ArtCool Mirror Finish comes with a 3M micro protection filter to minimise particles in indoor air.




Get rid of dust everywhere

The hazy weather isn’t the only problem. Even on clear days, dust and dirt gather in our homes and collects in every nook and cranny. Your bed and mattress, for example, is a hotbed of dust mite that most of us tend to overlook. To get rid of the dust that’s collecting on your mattress, you’re going to need vacuum cleaners that are designed specifically for that purpose. The Dyson V6 Mattress handheld vacuum, for example, is a powerful vacuum cleaner that removes allergens from the mattress and expels clean air.











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