Fabrics by Acacia

Acacia Fabrics presents “GET OUT” from UV Pro, its latest collection made to withstand colour fading and weather elements.

Fabrics by Acacia

Just like how clothes make a man (and woman!), a home needs soft furnishing to transform it into a dream home. And that’s how 
Acacia Fabrics helps you create that picture-perfect abode.

For years, Acacia Fabrics has been at the forefront of the soft furnishing market. Carrying well-loved brands like Acacia, Estelle, 
RM Coco and FR One, Acacia Fabrics is all about premium products. These art-like fabrics have also been stringently tested in 
an ISO 17025-certified laboratory called LABOTEX. As a result, they not only exceed the highest standards of comfort, but are 
also long-lasting.
Now, for its latest season, Acacia Fabrics unveils a new collection of fabrics called “GET OUT” by UV Pro. It has additional qualities 
of colourfastness and weather resistance – both very important factors in choosing fabrics for outdoor furniture. With a gorgeous 
and extensive collection of plains, solids, textures, stripes and jacquard, “GET OUT” has up to 128 fabrics for you to choose from.


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