Eligere acrylic doors from Sunyu

Sunyu’s Eligere acrylic doors offer a design that is both modern and inconventional

Eligere acrylic doors from Sunyu

As homeowners become more aware of home trends and the latest in the world of design, the demand for products that eschew the normal and predictable has inevitably gone up. This even goes for the seemingly most banal of fittings such as doors. Addressing this issue is Sunyu, with its Eligere range of high-gloss acrylic doors.

Suitable for rooms within a home, Sunyu’s Eligere doors present a sleek and modern alternative to more traditional options. Manufactured using PMMA high gloss acrylic laminated onto a plywood substrate, Eligere doors boast seamless edges and a fine, flat surface that is a joy to touch. For maintenance, a microfibre cloth with mild soap and water is all it takes to clean it. The door comes in a range of solid, metallic and woodgrain finishing, and is built for both residential and commercial spaces that are looking for that extra edge.


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