Effiniti and Triniti ceiling fans from Amasco

Sleek, stylish and eco-friendly; the Effiniti and Triniti ceiling fans from Amasco embody form and function

Effiniti and Triniti ceiling fans from Amasco

Thanks to innovative technologies and a greater focus on design, more homeowners are realising that ceiling fans can become a statement piece in the home. With its Effiniti and Triniti ceiling fans, Amasco aims to provide these discerning homeowners with designer fans that combine style with energy-saving technology. 

The double-blade Effiniti and the triple-blade Infiniti fans are equipped with reversible DC motors that can save up to 70% more energy than conventional models. Additionally, the powerful motor produces minimum noise for maximum peace of mind. 
Also of note is the unique design of the fan blades. Measuring at 56 inches, each blade is designed with a subtle curve, or twist, in its composition. This unique design allows the fans to produce stronger winds with each revolution. 
Good looks, great functionality and inherent energy saving properties make Amasco’s Effiniti and Trinity a great and comfortable addition to any house. 


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