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Designing the kitchen of the future with Häfele

A kitchen system that packs away to make room in a small apartment, and a smart kitchen equipped with intelligent systems and high-tech appliances. No, this is not a scene set 10 years in the future – it’s actually something you’ll find right now at Häfele’s newly renovated 4,000-sqft showroom at Kaki Bukit. With this new […]

A kitchen system that packs away to make room in a small apartment, and a smart kitchen equipped with intelligent systems and high-tech appliances. No, this is not a scene set 10 years in the future – it’s actually something you’ll find right now at Häfele’s newly renovated 4,000-sqft showroom at Kaki Bukit.

With this new showroom, Häfele Singapore continues to bring German engineering and innovation to residential design. CEO Sibylle Thierer was in town to explain how the company provides innovative solutions to future-friendly kitchen designs.

Tell us a bit more about the revamp of the Häfele Singapore showroom. What are some of the new things on display?

The overview concept of our newly renovated showroom is the quintessence of simplicity in living spaces, be it in the kitchen, wardrobe, living room or smart studio, for example. By utilising the elementary capabilities, stylish elements and intelligent technologies, this showroom becomes a thinking space that stimulates and inspires one to design and apply smarter lifestyle solutions and systems into different dimensional living spaces. In this showroom, we take pride in our innovations, including house accessories like the LED-light system LOOX and the Electronic Door Locks.


What led to the decision to renovate the showroom?

The old showroom was aging and needed a revamp. It was also an opportunity to keep up with changing trends and update with new, innovative fittings. With this new showroom, we’ve opened a new chapter to continue our relationship with architects, space planners, interior designers, carpenters and homeowners. We hope it can be a source of inspiration too.

What is the first impression customers will have when they step into the new showroom?

The first expressions I hope they have is “This is it!”. I’m convinced that this showroom will be significant in contributing ideas and solutions to the industry. The showroom is designed according to the Hafele corporate guidelines and incorporates zones for Inspiration, Communication and Innovation. In the first zone of Inspiration, you will see how our fittings add functionality to different ideas for kitchens and wardrobes in a typical Singaporean setting. Some of the displays even follow original HDB BTO floorplans.

Every product that Häfele offers is intelligently designed with functionality and safe operation to make life easier. For example, in the kitchen, whether it is storage, cleaning, preparation or cooking, Häfele’s modern designs are grounded in practicality. This is a combination of German innovation and Singaporean residential or commercial business development requirements to deliver your ideal kitchen and wardrobe that will ease your life and bring you joy.


Have you noticed any new kitchen trends around the world?

Firstly, the trend of having the kitchen as the centre of the living space continues. Open concept kitchens, cosy kitchen corners and integrated kitchen/living spaces are also popular, and you will find them reflected in our showroom. Secondly, there’s a global trend of digitalisation in the kitchen. You can see some ideas in our Smart Kitchen. We have touch-sensitive controls and automatic systems in different cabinetry, all of which can make your kitchen more functional and efficient. The next megatrend in the kitchen is to go all-black. Black handles, black fittings and matching black carcass can be found all over our live kitchens. The last trend is a growing interest in designing with lights. Installing LED systems in your kitchen and cabinetry opens up a lot more possibilities. It’s longer lasting and more energy efficient. With this technology, you’re able to adjust the intensity and tone of the lights to create different atmospheres and ambience.

What are some of the biggest concerns when designing the kitchen? 

Space is already a given – you can’t make more space in the kitchen. Given that, you should maximise what you have through intelligent solutions and functional fittings. Another concern is the quality of the kitchen, as this affects the efficiency of the products. Is it safe to use? Are the after-sales services reliable and consistent? With technology involved in kitchen planning, careful consideration in terms of quality is crucial in today’s society. Häfele well-recognised within the industry with high German quality and exceptional customer service, which explains why we can be your biggest kitchen solution provider.


What are some of the benefits of Hafele’s kitchen systems especially in a small Singaporean home?

Häfele believes in thinking ahead and delivering the perfect kitchen designs that live up to a modern lifestyle and will be your pride and joy for years to come. Häfele’s kitchen system is a comprehensive solution package that comprises storage organisation, cooking, cleaning, lighting systems and security to each living space. Häfele can offer the compact homes in Singapore with better, more detailed and customisable organisation for storage so all spaces are utilised with meaningful and stylish touch.

How important is lighting in the kitchen?

As the kitchen becomes the central living space, lighting requirements become imperative and more diverse. Lighting is the pulse of the kitchen and serves different purposes. A traditional requirement in the kitchen is a strong task light for activities like chopping food. But during the ‘Food Enjoy’ phase, you want a cosier, more atmospheric light. In our kitchen, you can find white lights that can change colour from cold white to warm white, which completely changes the atmosphere and mood of a kitchen.

For homeowners with a tighter budget, what’s the number one thing that they should splurge on?

You’ll always need storage space. You need space for cooking and a good sink. But it can be simple like in our standard kitchen. We have an affordable entry solution for tight budgets in our standard kitchen. Not compromising on nice design or quality hardware.





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