Customisable Systems by OPSH

OPSH’s clever and customisable wardrobe and kitchen systems are the perfect foundation for your modern home.

  • Customisable Systems by OPSH

Designers know that beneath the aesthetic flourish of every design project is a hardworking, solid core – the structural system, hardware and mechanisms that support a design plan. Especially in high-utility features or permanent home fixtures, the system must work without a fault. That is why many designers and home owners turn to specialists like OPSH for sound wardrobe and kitchen systems.

Specialising in wardrobe and kitchen solutions, OPSH understands that the needs of different project are unique. What its team of designers, technicians, craftsmen, and artisans provides is highly customised service. From spatial layout and storage planning to picking out the finishing touches with you, all OPSH professionals help home owners arrange systems that are engineered and designed to client specifications.


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