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A new way to shop for your bathroom and kitchen

Shopping for your home? Then head on down to the Kohler Experience Center for a one-of-a-kind product immersion experience.

Text by Janice Seow

Traditional physical retail is undergoing great shifts thanks to the power of online shopping. It’s no longer just about a transaction – customers are now looking for an experience when they head into a store, and brands know it!

The new Kohler Experience Center is a perfect example. Located in a three-storey conservation shophouse on 52/56 Peck Seah Street, and designed by LTW Designworks, the spacious showroom offers an immersive product experience complete with an art gallery concept and interactive digital media displays.


Here are 5 things we love about Kohler’s new space:

#1 The showroom houses fully-functioning displays of the brand’s global product line, so there’s really lots to see.

#2 There are a series of semi-open ‘display suites’, each designed with a unique theme.

#3 A gallery space at the entrance presents Kohler’s brand history through interactive digital media walls and glass display cases.

Numi Black

#4 Art lovers will get to enjoy a curated selection of artworks by artists from Singapore and beyond.

#5 Really cool products include Real Rain, a rainshower that mimics the feel of showering in a ‘summer rainstorm’ (to be launched end of 2017); and Kohler’s revolutionary toilet, Numi Black, which features a fold-out design and an external touch-screen device that controls seat temperature, water pressure, radio stations, and more.

kohler real rain shower ed
Real Rain – to be launched end 2017

Find out more from Kohler’s Group President, Larry Yuen:

What sort of experience is this showroom designed to deliver?

First, we wanted to create the ‘wow’ factor, something different from a typical showroom. Second, we wanted it to be interactive. And third, it needed to show our global offering.

kallista 1

Tell us about the showroom’s art gallery concept.

I think a lot of brands focus on design, but no brands focus on art like we do. We have our own art museum in the US, called the John Michael Kohler Arts Center, and have also been running our own art programme since 1974.

We believe that our products are not just industrial products, but things people can appreciate. We spend a lot of time looking at how to make our products unique and beautiful.



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