Cool finds for the hipster home

Want a unique home that is truly befitting of your atypical self? Any self-proclaimed hipster would love our picks

A bold showcase of your individuality should not be limited to just the clothes you wear, the music you listen to or the different kinds of creative work that you engage in – it should also be expressed through the unconventional way you style your home. If you take pride in steering away from the orthodox, here are some unique household items that any hipster would approve. By Arman Shah

Vintage Luggage Display Wall Shelf


Vintage Luggage Display Shelf 02

Thinking of eccentric ways to display your framed pictures and other home accessories? Consider these vibrant vintage luggages that can be mounted to become display wall shelf. You can even unlock them, giving you more creative options when decorating your home. Made available at Born in Colour, these pieces come in red, green yellow, white and blue.

$89.90 from Born in Colour

Netflix & Chill Pillow

Netflix and Chill

Nothing beats the joy of sinking into your couch and watching your favourite television shows on Netflix. Now, you can enhance that blissfully lazy experience with this cushy cushion by Typo. Made of acrylic, this pillow measures 45cm by 45cm and serves as the perfect companion when you’re catching up on Breaking Bad and in need of something wonderfully plush to hug.

$29.99 from Typo

Zuma Trays


Zuma Trays

Have fun entertaining guests with these vibrant Zuma Trays that are made available at Crate and Barrel. Made of wood, they are available in six different colours – blue, aqua sky, white, yellow, orange and red – and can serve multitudes of functions. You can use each tray to pass around drinks and bite-size appetisers or stack them up to stage a bar or even get a coffee table that’s the perfect accompaniment to your ottoman.

$59.95 from Crate and Barrel

Neon Art Numbers and Symbols


Neon Art Numbers and Symbols

Electrify your walls with mesmerising neon lights from Fred Lives Here. Whether it’s spelling out your name or piecing together a cryptic code that only you can decipher, you are sure to create wall art that bedazzles in the dark. The individual letters, numbers, symbols, extension cords and neon light transformers are sold separately.

$60-$79 from Fred Lives Here

Briggs Counter Stool

Briggs Counter Stool


Avid fans of the industrial look know that marrying salvaged steel and recycled wood creates the perfect household furniture, and that’s what you get with the Briggs Counter Stool by District Eight. Made available at Journey East, it features an adjustable seat and hand solder joints that were made by an in-house craftsmen, although it is the steel base that was bent beautifully into shape that makes it truly unique. Available in white, red, yellow and green.

$460 each from Journey East

QOTD Wall Art


QOTD WallArt

We could all do with an empowering quote to inspire some optimism in our lives. With that being said, get this stunning piece of wall art featuring gold foil print by MONOYONO. There are plenty of other quotes that are available in different colours at the online store, but they generally sell out pretty fast so get the ones you fancy while you still can.

$36.90 from MONOYONO

Sticks Coat Rack


Sticks Coat Rack

Introduce some rustic nature into your city residence with this coat rack by Shizen. Made available at HipVan, it resembles the sticks that are needed to set up a tent, triggering nostalgic memories of campfires and outward bound adventures. You can put it in your room to hang your jackets and hats or even in the bathroom to dry your towels. Self-assembly is required, although it’s altogether not too complicated.

$129 from HipVan

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