5 Questions with Denise Tan, Managing Director of Gaggenau Asia

MD of Gaggenau Asia, Denise Tan talks about the future of home kitchens

5 Questions with Denise Tan, Managing Director of Gaggenau Asia

Gaggenau, German manufacturer of high-quality home appliances with a history dating back to 1683, has revolutionised the domestic kitchen with its internationally acclaimed products. We caught up with Denise Tan, the managing director of luxury appliance brand Gaggenau in Asia, and got her talking about the trends in home kitchens. She shares her insights and tells us more about some new Gaggenau products that we’re excited to see!

1. How has the kitchen in Singapore homes evolved over the past 10 years?

Home-entertaining has grown in popularity. More homeowners are making their kitchens a focal point to reflect sophistication in cooking technology and varied tastes in kitchen designs.

At the same time, due to space constraints, combination appliances are gaining popularity as it helps consumers save both time and space. For example, Gaggenau’s combi-steam ovens offer multiple cooking features, such as steaming, baking, grilling and dough proofing, and extends the range of cooking options with just a single compact appliance. Also, the 200 series induction cooktop comes in a sleek 30cm width that fits even in a tiny studio-sized apartment kitchenette.

web_06-Gaggenau-Vario-cooktops-200-series Gaggenau Vario cooktop 200 series

One of the upcoming areas of interest are high-extraction table ventilators to extract cooking grease or vapour.  These units are discreetly tucked into the kitchen worktop when they are not in use, and easily activated by the touch of a button.

web_05-Gaggenau-Table-ventilation-AL-400 Gaggenau table ventilator AL400

2. How has Gaggenau evolved to fulfil the expectations of a modern kitchen in local homes?

Consumers are more discerning and expect a high level of customisation when it comes to outfitting their dream kitchen. Gaggenau co-operates with renowned kitchen designers to plan a new kitchen or retrofit a current kitchen layout around the needs of the homeowners, as well as the size, design and functionality of each appliance.

Luxury home kitchen appliances such as built-in coffee machines and wine cabinets with climatic control are increasing in trend, as the traditional separation between the kitchen and living environment is now more fluid and integrated. Gaggenau appliances need not be seconded to the kitchen but could easily be positioned in the dining, living or terrace space where entertainment is done.

web_11-Gaggenau-Wine-Climate-Cabinet-404 Gaggenau wine climate cabinet 404

3. In general, how do you think kitchen appliances will change in the next 5 years?

I believe the brand names that luxury consumers will select are those which prove a long heritage of brand presence internationally. These are long-standing names and individual people in the industry that have maintained their brand equity, integrity, and highest luxury value despite tough economic conditions.

Investments in new design and technology by such strong companies will continue to excite like-minded individuals who appreciate classic timelessness, because a truly luxurious kitchen is not necessary about having the latest trendy colours or gadgets, but one that looks stunning and performs faultlessly 10 years later.

web_08-Gaggenau-Ovens-400-series-with-coffee-machine Gaggenau ovens 400 series with coffee machine

4. What are some new appliances that will be launched in 2017?

We are very proud to introduce Gaggenau’s next icon – our EB333 90cm built-in oven, produced in commemoration of our brand heritage since the year 1683. The TFT touch screen controls with the steel or anthracite changeable knobs provide a hint of modernity while the sheer size and functions emulate that of our current range. The new model uses a silent fan motor in an enormous 83-litre capacity which is so useful during busy festive seasons when bigger or continuous portions need to be produced.

Also in the pipeline for 2017 is the Gaggenau induction cooktop with a built-in ventilation system that promises flexible cook zones to fit different sizes of cookware. The silent and powerful 400 series dishwasher will also share centre stage with its full cavity illumination.

web_01-Gaggenau-EB333 Gaggenau 90cm built-in oven EB333

5. What new technology can we expect from Gaggenau in the next few years?

Smart home features are certainly in the pipeline for Gaggenau. Home connection is still in a build-up phase in Asia. Many manufacturers, including Gaggenau, recognise that customers wish for real-time connectivity with their equipment at home, not just with the individual appliances but on a total platform encompassing all home equipment including air conditioning, security cameras, sound systems and items in the kitchen. Aside from safety usage and energy level monitoring, remote diagnostics features from manufacturers would increase the comfort and convenience of use.

Lifestyle enhancement such as auto connection to fine food and beverage purveyors will fall in line nicely with the discerning home cook.





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