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3 reasons why Smoke by Shou Sugi Ban Gallery should be your new favourite furniture store

Looking for something different to furnish your home? Check out this hidden gem for statement-making furniture.

Text by Redzman Rahmat

Here in Singapore, there’s no shortage of furniture shops to choose from – there are high-end stores with designer pieces, as well as affordable options that you can purchase online. But what if you’re looking for something that’s well… different? One of Singapore’s most intriguing furniture stores can be found in the quiet enclave of Opal Crescent.

Smoke by Shou Sugi Ban Gallery is an establishment that’s hard to pin down: it’s a furniture store, but also an art gallery; it offers beautiful contemporary pieces, but still employs traditional craftsmanship. It’s these contradictions that make this one-of-a-kind furniture destination such a joy to check out. Here are three more reasons why Smoke by Shou Sugi Ban Gallery might just be your new favourite furniture shop.


#1 Almost all the furniture is designed using a centuries-old technique

Solid wood furniture is a perennial favourite in tropical Singapore and there are many specialty shops that carry them. But Smoke by Shou Sugi Ban is the only shop to feature its unique Smoke Collection. This is wood furniture with a twist. The hand-crafted series of furniture employs a centuries-old technique that originates from Japan. Using a powerful but finely controlled jet of fire, solid wood furniture undergoes a charring process that blackens its surfaces. What you’ll find is furniture with gently charred surfaces that reveal inimitable organic grains and patterns.

At first glance, the Smoke Collection might look like regular stained wood. But on closer inspection, you’ll realise that the wood furniture is actually burnt. The charring technique provides the added benefit of making the furniture moisture-proof, and resistant to insects.



#2 You can buy art for the social good

Furniture isn’t the only thing you’ll find at Smoke by Shou Sugi Ban. The company partners with The Everyday Revolution, a social enterprise that works closely with autistic artists. In support of The Everyday Revolution, this furniture store displays works of art created by autistic painters. Take a walk through the sun-filled showroom and you’ll notice these art pieces showcased on various walls. Like something you see? The art is for sale and proceeds go to The Everyday Revolution.




#3  Check out other unique furniture collections while you’re there

Aside from the popular Smoke Collection, Smoke by Shou Sugi Ban Gallery also carries a number of other one-of-a-kind furniture collections.

The Live Edge Collection is made up of solid wood tables and chairs, all with their natural edges. These pieces celebrate the raw beauty of nature. The wood is preserved almost in its natural state, complete with the knots and grains.

The Orter Collection takes furniture from decades past and embellishes them with something unique. Whether it’s a mid-century armchair or an Art Deco sofa, the designer from Smoke by Shou Sugi Ban wields his creativity and puts a spin to the beloved furniture.

Finally, the Vintage Collection is composed of beautiful vintage furniture restored to their former glory.




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