Ten beautiful living room design ideas for HDB homes

The living room is the social center of your home. It is where you will entertain, spend time with family, and partake in the majority of your recreational activities.

Ten beautiful living room design ideas for HDB homes

How to style living rooms?

A living room needs to be welcoming above all else. The living room has to appeal to more people than any other room in the house. This is because it is the room that will see the most guests. As such, you want your living room furniture to be comfortable, the layout to be inviting, and the décor to stimulate conversation.

There are many different approaches to designing the perfect living room. Some utilize the sweeping space provided by an open plan concept to create a large area perfect for parties. Others may choose to keep the living room small and fill it with cosy furniture to keep everyone close and facilitate intimacy. Currently two opposing design trends battle for dominance in Singapore: minimalism and maximalism.

Minimalism is a celebrated design movement which originated during the 1960s and has seen a recent resurgence. It is defined by a streamlined approach to design, keeping only absolutely necessary objects in a space to decrease clutter. Minimalism can be recognised by its commitment to clean lines, thin furniture and symmetrical layouts. It is a popular choice for living room interior design because it makes a room appear bigger, something that HDB apartments often benefit from.

Conversely, maximalism celebrates the exact opposite. Maximalism encourages a vibrant space filled to the brim with cute décor, fun items and nifty appliances. In living room design, this means lots of whimsical furniture, art, pictures, knickknacks, blankets, throws, and often fun tech. It is particularly popular among younger people who like the constant stimulation of a crowded environment.

These are just two of many living room design ideas. Some other popular design styles in Singapore at the moment include Scandinavian, modern contemporary, Japanese, art deco, and cottagecore. Every one of these beautiful living room ideas will appeal to a different person – so it’s important to remember to stay true to your own personal preferences when deciding how to decorate living rooms. To help with your designing living room inspiration, here are some of the best living room styling ideas for modern Singaporean homes.

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10. Modern tv wall design

living room with tv feature wall

Installing a feature wall with TV is a great way to embrace modern technology into your home design. There are a number of ways you can seamlessly integrate your television into your living room space; see here for a detailed guide.

09. False ceilings

living room with L-box false ceiling design

False ceilings are extremely popular in the apartments of Singapore because they help to muffle the noise from upstairs neighbours. They also provide texture and depth in a defined space. Many homes choose to have a false ceiling in the family room as it gives greater lighting control and can work around existing features such as a ceiling fan.

08. Simple living room

mirror and lamp in lounge room next to couch

There are a number of design strategies which can help to make a simple living room feel brighter or larger. One common trick is to place a single mirror next to a light source. This will expand the visual space, making the room seem deeper, and also bounce light around the room for a brightening effect. Read more about small designs for HDB homes here.

07. Wallpaper

gold pink and blue marble wallpaper adult artistic

Wallpaper is a gorgeous way to decorate your flat without risking damage to the walls. High quality wallpaper is art in itself, and placing it front-and-centre in your living room provides a great conversation piece for your guests. There are many trusted Singaporean manufacturers of high quality wallpaper like the mural pictured above – see here for more.

06. Bookshelves and display shelves

living room with built in bookshelf library

A large part of decorating your living room includes surrounding yourself with things that make you happy. For many, this means their favourite books, pictures, souvenirs and trinkets. A bookcase or bookshelves is the perfect medium to present the things that are most important to you, as well as stimulate conversation with guests. See here for our top five creative bookshelf ideas.

05.  Large living room

luxury modern large living room with metal steel gold feature wall industrial chic

A luxury modern living room will almost always have a feature wall. Feature walls are a symbol of an elegant living room, whether they are made from brick, timber, steel or fluted glass. Formal living rooms will often have a feature wall made of marble tile to enhance the sophistication of the room.

04. Scandinavian interior design

scandinavian interior design beige brown natural palette living room with handcrafted furniture

Scandinavian interior design shares many characteristics with minimalism in that it embodies a return to simple, streamlined design. Using clean lines, neutral colours, simple furniture and an emphasis on negative space, Scandinavian interior design often has the effect of making a room seem larger. See here for ideas on how to apply Scandinavian theories in your own home.

03. Color combinations

red and blue colour combination walls in family room

Colour is a hugely important part of interior design. Studies show it can affect someone’s mood, productivity, concentration and even physical health. Two colour combinations are a great way to provide a theme for a room and build a sense of designed intention. Combinations for blue, combinations for purple and combinations for red are all very common in Singapore’s living rooms.

02. Hamptons

Hamptons style coastal living room design with rattan chairs

Hamptons is a coastal design style originating from the beach houses of the Hamptons region of Long Island, USA. It is characterized by natural, elegant materials and a cool neutral palette. Natural light is available in abundance.

Hamptons style living rooms can best be described as simplicity layered with sophistication; no feature is particularly extravagant or eye catching on its own, but together with the rest of the décor creates a unified front of luxury living.

01. Cozy small living room

cozy small living room with large comfy white couch and hanging plants

Small living rooms provide the ultimate cosy hangout space. Packing them with comfy furniture, warm décor accents and art or pictures is a great way to facilitate strong personal connections with your guests and the other people in your household.

Plants are also perfect for enhancing the welcoming nature of a small space. Check out our guide to hanging plants, the best plants to keep indoors, or more on small living room designs.


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