Dining lights: What’s the best move?

Lighting a dining table can be more complicated than it seems. You want flattering, calming light – but also enough light to see your food or play games.

Dining lights: What’s the best move?

The lights that you choose for your dining table are inherently linked to the atmosphere of your room. The best dining table lights will have a warm wash that creates a natural and welcoming environment. Lighting can affect the mood and aesthetic of the space – and when used cleverly, it can even craft illusions about the size of the space.

Using lighting design to make a room appear bigger has always been one of the main space-conscious design strategies. From things like placing a mirror next to a light source all the way to track and LED lighting, there are endless possibilities for the way that light can influence your perception of a space.

At the moment, there are a few in-style lighting ideas which you may wish to incorporate into your design. The first is the return of pendant lights. Pendant lights are lights which hang from the ceiling. They are often vintage and are popular because they create an extra visual layer within the room. Pendant lights stand out as a design feature. Conversely, false ceilings are also rising in popularity throughout Singapore. False ceilings are a more subtle design choice which will give you greater control over the lighting design in your home.


There are a few things to keep in mind when designing your own dining table lighting. The first – and perhaps most important – is what you need the lights to do. This may seem blaringly obvious, but the nuances in each type of light mean that you have to get specific if you want to narrow down your option.

Do you use the dining table for dinner, and dinner alone? Perhaps pendant lights will be all you need. Do you use it for other things, such as studying throughout the day or playing games with guests at night? This may mean you need a greater level of control over the lighting – perhaps a dimmer would serve you well.

Another thing to consider is the type of lighting that will gel with your décor. You want lighting that matches the fixtures and interior design of the rest of the home; a vintage pendant light will look out of place among contemporary décor. The best course of action is to determine the design style that your come currently has and make a list of lighting styles which will complement it.

Once you cross-reference this list with your understanding of what you need the light to be able to do, you will get a pool of suitable lighting options to choose from. To help streamline this process a little, here is a list of the best lights for dining room areas in Singapore.

The best lights for dining tables: 10 dining table lighting ideas to elevate your dining room design

10. Strip lighting

LED strip lighting in dining room

For a modern dinning table lighting look, consider strip lighting. Strip lighting can run in a line across the ceiling, walls and even floors if you wish. It provides a general wash that feels natural and is more flattering than typical overhead lighting. It also has a stylish modern appeal that would be well suited to contemporary décor.

09. Dining room floor lamps

dining room with lamp lighting hdb flat

Side-lighting is extremely popular right now for one reason: it is much more flattering than overhead lighting. With overhead lighting, a focus beam points downwards and casts shadows that emphasis forehead wrinkles, bags under your eyes and sallow cheekbones.

Side lighting is much more natural and will soften all of that, creating a gently lit environment that makes everyone look their best. Lamps are in particular demand because they are easy to incorporate into room designs.

08. Wall lights

wall lights over dining table

Wall lights are another of the dining light ideas that provides more flattering side lighting. Wall lights are also quite popular for the soft wash they provide. You can purchase the wall lights pictured above here from Nook Collections.

07. With dimmer

dining room with dimmer dim lights moody grey

One of the best dining light ideas for modern homes is the dimmer. Installing a light with a dimming switch gives you complete control over the atmosphere of the room. You can set the lights nice and bright while eating, so that you can see your food, and bring them down to a moody glow for desert and beverages after.

06. Overhead ceiling lights for dining room

LED overhead ceiling light design modern lamp funky

Overhead lighting is the most traditional form of lighting. However, that doesn’t mean you can’t spice things up a little. This stunning ceiling lamp by Shenzhen Well House Lighting redefines the traditional bulb by turning your overhead lighting into the standout design feature of the room.  

05. LED lights

hanging pendant modern lamps design

LED lighting is the smartest option of all modern dining table lights. This is because LED lights last 25 times longer than regular lights, do not emit heat or UV, and have much greater energy efficiency – saving you up to 80% of lighting costs.

04. Dining table lamps

small tree light with fairy light leaves lamp ideas dining table

Dining table lighting does not have to be purely practical. This beautiful tree lamp is available here from amazon and will provide a soft lighting addition to your overall general wash.

03. Natural light and mirrors

Pink dining room with large french provincial mirror and bright natural light large windows

Some of the best small dining room lighting ideas are the simplest. Placing large mirrors next to a natural light source will help you to bounce light around the room and make the space feel larger.

02. False ceiling

dining room with cove lighting false ceiling

False ceilings are extremely popular at the moment. They provide you with extraordinary control over the lighting atmosphere of your room. Read more.

01. Pendant light dining table

pendant lighting over dining table design ideas

Pendant lights, also known as hanging dining lights Singapore are perhaps one of the best over dining table lighting ideas. This is because they are versatile, visually interesting, and fairly easy to install. The most common pendant light style has a heavily vintage inspiration, such as chandeliers and old-fashioned fixtures. However, modern pendant lights are also quite common across Singapore’s dining rooms.


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