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You can never have enough storage space at home

This 3-bedroom apartment is chockfull of storage solutions to cater to the family of five.

Home Type: 3-bedroom condominium

Floor Area: 1,100 sqft

One of the biggest problems when it comes to renovating your home, whether you live in an HDB flat, a condo apartment or a landed house, is the amount of storage you have. Don’t worry, you’re not alone: you never seem to have enough storage space! In this 3-bedroom condominium, a married couple and their two children needed space to store and display the family’s collection of toys, bags, shoes and many other possessions. The family asked their Living Gaia designers to conceptualise a contemporary home that’s packed with storage solutions to ensure that everything has its place. But it’s not just about practicality; as you can see, the designers upped the ante with luxurious textures and smart lighting solutions.

This is best seen in the living and dining areas, where a host of wall-mounted storage solutions lines an entire wall. It’s made up of the entertainment unit, television console, display showcases, shoe storage and even a pantry with a magnetic chalkboard. Pushed up against the wall and arranged neatly, this series of shelves, cupboards and display cases frees up walking room in the communal zones.

One of the homeowners’ requests – specifically the lady of the house – was for a see-through glass showcase for her coveted shoe collection. To meet this request, the designers built shoe storage with a flip-up door for easy access and display options. The boutique-concept displays are clad with different laminate treatments to enhance their visual impact. Because the homeowners appreciate tactile experiences, the Living Gaia designers chose a grey laminate with an abstract concrete-like finish. This is then paired with a plain laminate with a clean-cut grey, allowing the textures to stand out prominently against the setting. All this is contrasted with the highly polished floors.

A lot of carpentry work was done to build up all this storage space, and the same can be seen in the bedrooms. The son’s bedroom for example, is accentuated with wood-like laminates on the carpentry. The uniformed look conjures a sleek, timeless look that’s the ideal setting for the son to grow in. As always, storage is important and the designers provided plenty of shelves and drawers incorporated into the platform bed.

The younger daughter’s room is dressed in purple and pink, pretty hues that match the girl’s personality. Three types of laminate finishes are used here: a neutral grey, purple accents and wood tones.

The homeowners intend to stay in this apartment long-term, hence the importance of storage. Through cabinetry and carpentry, the designer made this possible. To introduce a hint of luxury, the Living Gaia designer used laminates with pronounced textures. This is also a more practical decision compared to using natural materials like concrete and wood, which would require higher levels of maintenance.


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