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Living large in a one-bedroom apartment

With a thoughtful selection of materials and clever space planning, Karen Bohn from The Orange Cube has given the owner of this apartment a bright and spacious pad that is both practical and functional.

Home Type: 1-bedroom condominium

Floor Area: 600 sqft

Small living quarters in Singapore are pushing our interior designers to innovate and come up with superbly clever ways to create spaces that are not just liveable, but comfortable and stylish.

This home is a case in point. Despite being only 600 sqft, Karen Bohn from The Orange Cube has taken advantage of the apartment’s vertical space – namely its 5-metre-high ceiling. Tinted mirrors go from floor to ceiling to encourage the illusion of space. And although the design of the TV feature wall looks simple, a recessed section has been created to fit the TV. Visual bulk is reduced since the TV screen is flush with the wall.

The Orange Cube

Instead of trying to squeeze in a dining table, Karen has designed an L-shaped counter with a raised bar top. The owner can sit here comfortably for meals, and there’s still ample room for food preparation and storage.

The Orange Cube

Notably, the while kitchen cabinets are clad in an acrylic finish instead of standard laminates to give them a glossier, shinier appearance, thus creating the illusion of a brighter interior. Typically bulky appliances like the refrigerator and the washing machine are integrated into the cabinetry. This not only prevents wastage of space, but also reduces visual clutter.


With the bathroom, the designer has elevated the ceiling in the shower stall to create a roomier feel. Niches have been built into the walls for display and storage, and a vanity counter with cabinets provides additional storage space. The result is a spacious bathroom with a relaxed and elegant resort vibe.


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