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Living Canvas by Architology

Architology designed two-store inter-terrace house as a flexible shell with a neutral colour scheme

Home Type: Inter-terrace House

Floor Area: 2,000 sqft

The idea of a landed home is, more often than not, pegged with the notion of more space. That is, more rooms, more hidden corners for storage and more of everything. Typically, most people try to fit in as much as they can in a landed home, resulting in messy interiors and a misuse of space. Thankfully, the owners of this 2-storey inter-terrace house only needed two bedrooms, and this allowed interior architecture firm Architology to work their magic.

Top on the list of priorities was the reconfiguration of the 2,000-sqft house. The entire first floor was opened up to encourage an airy feel with the living room, dining area and kitchen lined up in one continuous sequence. This quest for lightness extends to the second floor with the two bedrooms. Doing away with solid walls, full-height glass panels frame views of the room from the staircase.

Architology designed this house as a flexible shell with a neutral colour scheme. Colour is then added with furnishings and artwork. This led to the neutral palette of greys and timber, coming together beautifully in places like the kitchen, where the cool grey is tempered by soothing timber tones. Wanting to keep things interesting, a grey homogenous tile with bold marbling was chosen as the flooring option and extends from the front porch all the way to the back of the house.




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