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Comfort and Clarity by Bluprin.ID

Instead of looking too cold and pristine, this all-white home looks comfortable and cosy

Home Type: 4-bedroom Condominium

Making an all-white interior work is not as easy at it looks. It has a tendency of looking cold and devoid of personality. But the interior designers from Bluprin.ID makes it work in this 4-bedroom loft apartment at Jardin condominium. Instead of looking too cold and pristine, the home actually looks comfortable and cosy. Smart space-planning and the use of wood tones, black glass and plush surfaces come together to create a luxury apartment that never eschews comfort.

Because this is a loft apartment, this two-storey home has high ceilings and plenty of space. The designers took full advantage of this and emphasised the spacious walkways. Even the stairwell becomes a feature element in the home. The dry kitchen – which faces the living room and becomes part of the social space – has a beautiful timber wall that acts as the backdrop. This wood element visually grounds the home and brings an earthy vibe to the all-white interior.

The master bedroom takes a more conservative turn. Instead of stark white walls, this room boasts a darker taupe colour, which is extremely conducive for creating a space where the owners can unwind in the evenings.


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