Check out 4 of Singapore’s most innovative homes

Be inspired by these four beautiful and unconventional home designs that push the envelope in original thinking.

  • Check out 4 of Singapore’s most innovative homes

Text Janice Seow

Those who think Singaporean homes are cookie cutter and unimaginative should think again. A growing number of highly creative interior designers here are thinking outside the box and coming up with some truly innovative and beautiful home interior solutions, like these ones below. All four are in the running to bag the gold at the upcoming Lookbox Design Awards 2017 Gala Night on 14 December. Want to know which? Book your seat today and find out.



#1 Moving Walls

In this 4-room HDB BTO flat designed by asolidplan, moving habitable walls addresses the issue of how space can be augmented within its limited physical confines.




#2 Ply House

Designed by UPSTAIRS_, the external facade of this terrace house has been conceived as an ultra-modern architectural shell, formed by hand with 100-year-old clay bricks reclaimed from demolished Chinese villages. This veil around the house created a virtually wall-less living space on the ground, while forming a shield from the harsh external environment for the private spaces above.




#3 A Scandi-like Apartment with Wooden Louvred Windows

This 4-room HDB flat was designed by Artistroom to be simple and functional, with light wood tones. It features veneered louvred windows along the living and dining areas that can be swung open, folded and adjusted for shade, ventilation and privacy. This treatment gives the space a Scandinavian-style aesthetic, while allowing the homeowners to do away with curtains.




#4 Squaring a Triangle

The bachelor client of this 2-bedroom HDB flat wanted a party home that would feel large, despite the existing odd-shaped layout with a 45-degree diagonal front wall facing the common corridor. The designers from asolidplan “squared” the restrictive slanted wall by reorienting the living area’s layout and introducing mirrors. The well executed use of multiple mechanisms allowed for concealed panels for storage, the TV and access to the kitchen.

Find out which projects will take home the gold at the upcoming Lookbox Design Awards 2017 Gala Night on 14 December at Regent Singapore. Hurry, only limited seats left! Click here for tickets.




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