Above $100k

A modern minimalistic Japanese home renovation

Modern luxe and Japanese design sensibilities combine in this landed home for a family of four.

Feng shui and feel-good curves shape this resale condo

Done at a renovation cost of $150,000 and designed by Happe Design Atelier, this dreamy home in Tiong Bahru comes with curated colours and contours that ebb and flow harmoniously between rooms.

Less is more in this minimalist HDB flat

The Japanese principle of Kanso guided the design of this five-room BTO flat, turning it into a serene abode where less is more.

A villa-inspired HDB maisonette to chill

Designed by Insight.Out Studio, this family maisonette with Balinese resort vibes also exhibits an unexpected fusion of colonial and farmhouse styles.

A music piece inspired the design of this apartment

A young newlywed couple gave the designers at ASOLIDPLAN the unusual task of designing their home based on a piece of music called Rivers Wide.

A flat with dual personalities

How does one design a home that is both active and serene? PI Architects draws out a captivating solution and unique possibility for HDB living.

Inside the home of two art collectors

Taking a museum curator’s approach to a design brief, MONOCOT transforms a BTO flat into a personalised collector’s home that radiates warmth.

A tropical rainforest in a corner terrace house

In designing his corner terrace house, a nature lover and interior designer puts a creative spin to the phrase ‘living with nature’.

Blissful maisonette life for two

Oblivion Lab transforms an HDB maisonette into a blissful dwelling for two, complete with a generous kitchen island-dining zone.

Indoor garden in a flat

A wonderful ‘balcony’ with space to grow an indoor garden is just one of the unexpected delights to be found in this four-room flat.