$80K and below

A compact home with clever storage solutions

Using colour as the main design element, arche° has transformed a sombre black-and-white condo unit into a warm and inviting abode with plenty of concealed storage.

An atypical five-room flat for avid gamers

The owners of this HDB flat in Punggol are avid gamers, and wanted a home that would be different and unexpected. Swift Interior gave them exactly that.

Reimagining a three-room BTO flat

Starting from scratch, Haus by JD has expanded the possibilities in this tiny BTO flat to comfortably accommodate hobbies, future pets and indulgent pastimes.

Apartment in a conservation bungalow

Having come upon a conservation house that had been subdivided into smaller apartment units, one couple seized the opportunity to build their rather unusual dream home.

For love of colour

This brilliantly coloured HDB flat is a funky and happy home that draws inspiration from the homeowners’ personalities.

Smart renovation of an odd-shaped flat

Knock Knock Studio brings out the potential of an odd-shaped flat, and on a modest budget too.

Embracing modern Victorian design in a flat

A mishmash of old and new, this warm and cosy flat in Punggol embraces the classical beauty of modern Victorian interiors with panache.

Check out this fully automated retirement home

For this retirement home by AP Concept, the ingredients for a relaxing atmosphere include soothing interiors and a smart home system.

Enjoying downtime in an HDB weekend home

For one couple, a weekend home is a spacious five-room HDB flat where they can kick back, relax and enjoy the things they love.

Smart conversion of a one-bedroom apartment into an open space for two

Craftsmen Studio irons out the kinks in this one-bedroom dwelling to create exciting possibilities for small space living.