$60K and below

Colourful home with a mid-century modern touch

A married couple’s love for mid-century modern design and retro style is reflected in this colourful home.

Serenity and resort-style living

A couple’s dream of laid-back, resort-style living is beautifully realised in this HDB flat, and on a tight budget too.

Transformer flat for solo and social life

This small resale flat in Pasir Ris has been custom made with nifty features that can slide out or be moved depending on the occasion.

A home made for boho living, hobbies and work

Relaxed, personal and rich in sentiment, this three-room flat is a bohemian dream from which to enjoy the different facets of life.

A three-room flat with a dedicated home office for two

With a little design ingenuity, a tiny HDB flat is now a high-functioning home for ‘live and work’.

The comforts and bliss of farmhouse living in an HDB flat

In this HDB flat designed by Ethereall, the rustic charm of farmhouse living and all manner of modern creature comforts can be enjoyed to the full.

Space-saving features maximise usable space in this apartment

Custom furniture, discreet storage and the use of wall volume significantly enhance this apartment’s true space potential.

A standout modern-retro flat in uplifting colours

Third Avenue Studio gives one young couple a welcoming home brimming with personality.

A hobby room and open spaces make this BTO flat special

MET Interior designs a spacious and airy home for a young couple to enjoy their personal pursuits.

A matter of contrast in this upgraded resale flat

This 20-year-old unit gets a makeover with restructuring strategies and customised features by AP Concept.