A compact home with clever storage solutions

Using colour as the main design element, arche° has transformed a sombre black-and-white condo unit into a warm and inviting abode with plenty of concealed storage.

A villa-inspired HDB maisonette to chill

Designed by Insight.Out Studio, this family maisonette with Balinese resort vibes also exhibits an unexpected fusion of colonial and farmhouse styles.

A music piece inspired the design of this apartment

A young newlywed couple gave the designers at ASOLIDPLAN the unusual task of designing their home based on a piece of music called Rivers Wide.

A flat with dual personalities

How does one design a home that is both active and serene? PI Architects draws out a captivating solution and unique possibility for HDB living.

A vibrant home with Middle Eastern touches

Undeniably eclectic, this colourful home by MYNMYN is a union of different ideas and cultural influences that come together beautifully.

Spots of creativity and playfulness in Spotty House

Layered, textured spaces bring new dimension to a standard five-room flat in Tanjong Pagar designed by OMG Atelier.

Inside the home of two art collectors

Taking a museum curator’s approach to a design brief, MONOCOT transforms a BTO flat into a personalised collector’s home that radiates warmth.

Watch: A Dakota Breeze BTO flat filled with colour and precious memories

A young couple’s passion for travel, art and collecting are colourfully displayed in this four-room flat in Dakota Breeze.

An atypical five-room flat for avid gamers

The owners of this HDB flat in Punggol are avid gamers, and wanted a home that would be different and unexpected. Swift Interior gave them exactly that.

Reimagining a three-room BTO flat

Starting from scratch, Haus by JD has expanded the possibilities in this tiny BTO flat to comfortably accommodate hobbies, future pets and indulgent pastimes.