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Back To Basics

Forget complicated and messy designs; this 4-room HDB flat is a success with its simple and straightforward aesthetic.

The young couple living in this four-room HDB flat had some straightforward requirements when it came to the design of their new home: plenty of storage, an uncluttered look and a lasting design that would not need to be changed every few years. Interior design firm Urban Habitat wanted to give the home a clean look with an open concept that utilises the tall windows and natural daylight.

Several walls were torn down and the space was reconfigured to ensure an easy flow of light. This is most apparent in the kitchen, a room that was initially closed in by tight corners and walls. To rectify this, the designer replaced two walls with sliding glass doors. Other design features include the glossy white laminates on the carpentry work throughout the home and streamllined cabinets that conceal the structural beam in the middle of the living room wall.


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