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This gallery-like apartment in Orchard perfectly conveys modern luxury

Curated art, bespoke furnishings and striking textures bring many elements of wow to this modern luxury apartment in the heart of town.

Home Type: 4-bedroom condominium unit

Floor Area: 2.030sqft

Text by Louisa Claire Lim
Photography Wong Wei Liang
Art Direction Betty Wong

Located just a few turns away from the hustle and bustle of the Orchard shopping belt, this apartment on the 32nd floor appealed to the homeowners because of its expansive windows that provided different views from almost all the rooms.

Designer Elliot Barratt of Elliot James Interiors shares that the idea was to have a gallery-like space that conveyed modern luxury; it was to be formal and sophisticated but also cosy and inviting. An elegant colour palette composed of warm neutrals and vivid hues sets the tone of the apartment, while hints of gold through the decor and light fixtures give an eye-popping effect and lend a touch of luxe. “It’s about creating a calm environment and then injecting some key ‘wow’ pieces,” says Elliot.

modern luxury Elliot James Interior

Already evident upon entering the apartment, the layering of textures and juxtaposing of elements in the interior design make for fascinating compositions and viewpoints at every angle.

modern luxury Elliot James Interior

For instance, in the dining area, the emerald green velvet dining chairs sit strikingly against a monochromatic setting. And in the lounge, fur-finished throw cushions play up the fine weaves of upholstered armchairs, while brass-tone accents complement the subtle sheen of a silvery velvet sofa.

modern luxury Elliot James Interior

Adjacent to the lounge, a monolithic peninsula counter finished in rich-hued, delicately veined marble adds visual depth to the open-concept space and defines the kitchen zone. In diverse and creative ways, the designer establishes focal points in each space while still having them adhere to the overarching style.

Bold artwork and well appointed details come into the picture to further elevate the apartment’s design, which Elliot describes as “eclectic contemporary”.

modern luxury Elliot James Interior

A key example of how these two aspects are symbiotic is in the aforementioned painting that backdrops the living room. The homeowners who are music and movie buffs wanted to have a large TV that could be concealed when they entertain. Elliot came up with the idea to have two paintings slide in opposite directions to reveal a recessed wall-mounted TV. “This solution for concealing the home theatre system gives little moments of pleasure every time one slides the ‘panels’,” says the designer.

modern luxury Elliot James Interior

The couple’s love for fur was played up. In the master bedroom, modern luxury comes into play with soft alpaca rugs that cover the entire floor. The finish is also extended into the roomy walk-in closet, which features a backlit vanity unit, and a generous amount of storage for clothes, bags and shoes. Elsewhere, individual pieces were custom-designed or procured, and in entirety curated to create a home full of interesting vignettes. “They were very well considered and placed so as not to clash or compete with each other and overload the senses,” explains Elliot.

modern luxury Elliot James Interior

“We now spend a lot more time in than in the past, as we can draw more joy in kicking back at home without plans than going out. We seem to be at one with the space,” say the homeowners.

Elliot James Interiors

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This article first appeared in Lookbox Living issue 61

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