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A Subtle Cohesion

This 1+1 condominium showflat uses clear glass and mirrors to achieve spacious look throughout the rooms.

At only 463-square feet, this show unit for the Laurel Tree condominium packs an impressionable punch within its snug confines. The apartment takes inspiration from the name of the building, but with a creative modern flair. Wood accents and a cheery shade of green run throughout the unit, tying the look together and bringing a new dimension to the space.

The use of glass and mirrors help to visually open up the space, with clear glass doors and full mirrored walls. There are also custom-designed furniture pieces, including an all-glass study desk that doesn’t contain a single piece of plywood.

The rooms in this showflat all boast mosaic patterns that help to enforce a cohesive look. The bathroom walls are cladded in mosaic tiles and the pattern is repeated in the foyer and entryway.


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