5 dramatic home interior transformations you’ll want to see

See before and after photos of amazing home renovations!

  • 5 dramatic home interior transformations you’ll want to see

Text by Louisa Clare Lim


A renovation can really do wonders for your home, when working with the right interior designer. But don’t just take our word for it – see for yourself!

Here are five intriguing home makeovers and their before and after renovation pictures – they are some of the shortlisted entries for the Most Dramatic Transformation category at the Lookbox Design Awards 2017.


akihaus project 1

akihaus project 2

#1 Apartment at Tropic Gardens

This is a three-bedroom condo apartment designed by Akihaus Design Studio. The designer took advantage of the home’s high ceiling to create a pitched ‘roof’, implemented wall-to-wall cabinets that blend into the space, and designed a mobile cabinet that functions as a moveable divider between the living and dining area.


ehka studio project 1

ehka studio project 2

#2 Addition & Alteration to Existing Inter-terrce House at Lentor Green

As the existing landed property home was very old and in need of major retrofitting, EHKA Studio gave it a brand new look. The designer created porosity in the spaces, making them more open and connected.


Hall Interiors project 1

Hall Interiors project 2

#3 The Duchess

This is a tw0-bedroom condo apartment, designed by Hall Interiors. The designer cleverly swopped the positions of the kitchen and common bedroom, and created an open-concept kitchen that transitions smoothly into the dining area.


Studio JP project 1 Studio JP project 2

#4 Inside Out Apartment

This three-room HDB flat was given a trendy and modern update, thanks to Studio JP. The homeowner, who lives alone and does not cook much, asked that every single wall be changed or removed. The designers have brought the kitchen out from the rear of the house and into the living area. A concrete bench in the living area also extends into the bedroom to serve as bedside tables.


WAFF project 1

#5 Queen Astrid Gardens

Design firm WAFF was engaged to transform this condo apartment from plain and simple to hip and luxe. The designers repositioned the kitchen closer the dining area and blurred the boundaries between the two via a separation of sliding screens. In the living area, elongated joinery conceals the pillars, and not only shapes the overall living, dining and kitchen area, but also crafts a gallery pathway that leads one to a series of artworks on display.


If these amazing home interiors and their Cinderella stories inspire you, you should definitely get tickets to the upcoming Lookbox Design Awards Gala Night to find out who the winner will be, and see more amazing works from Singapore’s top designers!


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