5 Minutes With Louise Andreasen from Sika Design

Rattan is no longer your grandparents’ choice for furniture material

5 Minutes With Louise Andreasen from Sika Design

As Singaporeans, we probably associate rattan furniture with our grandparents’ homes. But it seems like they may have been on to something! Not only are rattan furniture well-crafted and extremely durable, they are also made from sustainable sources (which is all the rage these days!).

These days, rattan is once again a popular choice for wicker furniture and can be found in designer homes around the world. We speak to Louise Andreasen, the third generation in Sika Design’s family business. Since the early 1940s, the Danish furniture manufacturer has taken the traditional method of rattan-weaving to produce timeless wicker furniture that can be found in all parts of the world. Louise spends her time travelling to these countries – including the Sika Design factory in Indonesia.


What’s the secret behind the timeless popularity of rattan?
Rattan is sustainably produced, meaning it’s very good for the environment, and this is something that’s gaining popularity in the world. It’s also a very durable material and furniture made from rattan will last for a very long time. It’s one of those furniture pieces that can become an heirloom in the family – you can pass it down from generation to generation. I still have fond memories of my grandparents’ rattan furniture.

What’s your personal style like?
I like nature and even the colours I like are neutral and natural. I like the simplicity of black and white, so my own house is white, bright and filled with neutral colours. I’m also a fan of organic materials and textures that bring out the softer side of the home as well.

What’s the easiest and quickest way to change the look of a home?
Just paint the walls! It’s a quick way of making the room look completely different. I like to give my home a fresh coat of paint every now and then – just to change things up a little.


What plans do you have for Sika Design?
We’ve got big plans for the near future. This includes bringing in new designs and working with young talents to come up with a contemporary collection of wicker furniture. At the same time, we will also be releasing rattan versions of iconic furniture from renowned designers like Arne Jacobsen and Nanna Ditzel. The next couple of years will be very exciting for us!

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