Get colourful with laminates

Colourable laminates aren’t just eye-catching – they’re inspiring for young minds.

  • Get colourful with laminates

Text by Andrew McDonald 

Children will be overjoyed while parents will be at eased to know that their little ones can now freely demonstrate their artistic abilities on the walls, floors and every surface in the house, thanks to Admira’s new release of colourable and reusable laminate developed in collaboration with budding local artist, Trivialities. In fact, adults too, can join in the fun.

Easily applied on any surface, the Cat Conversations laminate from the brand’s newly launched Bespoke collection is more than just a playful design; it conveys a powerful message on the importance of art and the growth of young minds. Furthermore, this one-of-a-kind laminate range is a testament to Admira’s support for Singapore’s thriving art scene.

Serving as a canvas for creation, Cat Conversations features hundreds of cat breeds and other animals, along with a handful of Easter eggs scattered throughout. For best colouring results, use water-based markers, crayons and colour pencils.

The laminate’s reusable quality means that drawings and colours can easily be cleaned away with wet tissue, melamine foam or a mild detergent. Eco-friendly and very child-friendly, Cat Conversations is a perfect laminate choice to add a delightfully vibrant flourish to any room.


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