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Established: 2014

Profile image, from left: Jack Ng, co-founder; Wein Goh, Design Director
Location: Poetus studio. The designers’ attention to detail and experimental attitude towards design is shown in their very own studio, which features a mezzanine floor overlooking a spacious ‘living area’.

Design philosophy:
A good space is one that reflects the user so well, so much so that sometimes he or she doesn’t even realise it!

Design approach:
The starting point is always to develop a close working relationship with our clients and to understand very well what they like and don’t like.

Greatest enjoyment as a designer:
Getting to understand people and portraying their personalities
and needs in their spaces.

“Poetus is derived from ‘poet’ plus ‘us’, as to be a poet in ancient terms is to extract the beauty out of things – and this is what we believe in doing.”
– Jack Ng, co-founder

werpoets@poetus.com.sg / (65) 6384 2581 / (65) 6384 2579 /
poetus.com.sg / 65 Ubi Rd 1 #01-88 Oxley Bizhub Singapore 408729

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