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The Oasis House by Asialand ID is a warm and inviting three-generational family home with spacious communal areas and beautiful outdoor spaces dedicated to relaxation.

  • Modern oasis – Asialand ID

Text by Janice Seow

Project type: Two-storey detached house with attic
Floor area: 12,000sqft

With its striking material palette of warm wood, cool granite and elegant glass, this two-storey detached house in Serangoon Gardens makes a grand first impression, yet feels welcoming rather than imposing. In the evening, light from inside radiates outward to illuminate the facade and enhance the home’s atmosphere.

Life in the spacious kitchen (top image) revolves around a stunning central island. Covered in a luxurious stone surface, the sleek, monolith block is lit from beneath so it appears to float, while the sparkling pendant light above casts beautiful reflections onto the expansive countertop. It’s a perfect place for the three- generational family living here to gather, as well as to entertain. Slatted doors conceal the wet kitchen while allowing light to filter through.

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The living, dining and kitchen is designed as one large open space yet feels cosy and intimate with well-considered furniture arrangements that are tailored to family life. In the living area, the double-volume space features a magnificent marble feature wall, and soothing colours and stone surfaces evoke a sense of modern luxury. The mezzanine creates a lowered ceiling in the dining space, and an ideal ambience for a relaxed dining experience.

Asialand project

With a total of 12 rooms, this house has more than enough space to accommodate different types
of living situations. This inviting lounge area is designed for intimate family moments, and even features a small pantry discreetly nestled in a corner for added convenience. The combination of warm lighting and gentle curves contributes to a soft and soothing ambience, enhancing the overall comfort of the space.

This house is built for indoor/outdoor living with beautiful landscaping and outdoor leisure areas such as this relaxing poolside lounge. All three generations of the family can laze on the pool deck and even have meals here. The space is also large enough to hold a casual party.

The residents in this house get to enjoy the luxury of a large and fully-equipped home cinema. This entertainment room features a plush family-size sofa recliner, a carpeted floor, blackout curtains and a large screen for a complete cinema experience all without ever having to leave home.

The master bedroom exudes a hotel- like atmosphere and is characterised by warm ambient lighting, a calming colour palette and traditional Chinese art that imparts a sense of refinement to this restful haven.

Asialand project

In the master suite, the designers have created a well-organised and carefully crafted walk-in wardrobe of generous proportions. Positioned at the centre is an island display for smaller items and accessories, surrounded by floor-to-ceiling closets on both sides. Additionally, this dressing area features a vanity and a snug seating area that enhance both the functionality and comfort of the space.

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