A sense of lightness – arche°

Using earthy colours and natural tones that tread lightly, arche° has crafted a serene retreat for a young couple and their two cats, providing an escape from the hustle and bustle of city life.

  • A sense of lightness – arche°

Text by Stephanie Peh

Project type: HDB executive maisonette
Floor area: 1,732sqft

Tailored for a couple who relishes cooking and hosting gatherings, the kitchen centres around a versatile island. The multifunctional feature provides a dedicated space for preparing meals while serving as a social nexus for conversations. With built-in carpentry, the tidy couple can effortlessly stow away clutter, maintaining an organised and inviting space.

arche project

Opting for a cream coloured base, the designers have adorned this minimalist home with a harmonious palette of neutral tones and materials, creating an ideal canvas for embracing natural light. Every element, from the home decoration to furniture, has been carefully selected to layer and meld seamlessly, inviting a sense of tranquility and relaxation.

Taking advantage of the four-metre-high slanted ceiling and the generous floor plan, the designers have created an open and airy home. The open-plan design not only allows for ample natural light and improved air quality but also emphasises the overall spaciousness of this executive maisonette.

Arche ID project

One of the bedrooms has been transformed into a lavish walk-in wardrobe equipped with a double vanity for a touch of luxury. Tall curved mirrors emphasise the lofty ceiling, creating a sense of openness ideal for moments of self-care.

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