Established: 2018


From left: Yanika Gunawan, Director; Molina Hun, Director; and Sujono Lim, Director

Who we are:
Parenthesis is a design studio that explores the relationship between space, material and objects in immersive interior environments, threading the cultural context and lifestyle aspect through a modern lens.

How we work with clients:
It takes two hands to clap. We’ve been blessed with good clients who listen to our creative direction. As designers, we need to fulfil the client’s requirements and not succumb to our own aesthetic beliefs. On the other hand, clients have to trust that designers are the creative problem solvers at the helm of the project.

Changing patterns we’re seeing in residential interior design:
Clients are putting more budget into renovation as they see the design value, and have to stay home more. There is an emphasis on human- and lifestyle-centric, engaging design rather than being overly practical or renovating a home for the sake of it looking new.

Parenthesis logo / (65) 6803 8753 / / 201 Henderson Road, Apex@Henderson, #06-15, Singapore 159545

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