Parallelogram Design

Established: 2019

Parallelogram Design

From left: Anthea Tang, Designer; Solo, Designer; Wilson Ong, Senior Designer; and Aloysius Ong, Founder/Creative Director

Who we are:

Parallelogram Design is a design atelier that cuts through today’s world of visual and sensory overload. Embracing evocative qualities, our ambient creations span the retail, hospitality, commercial and residential sectors, always inviting tangible interactions. The team working process involves meticulous investigation and exploration, enabling the delivery of well-considered and delightful environments with a focus on customisation solutions tailored to suit each client’s needs.

What makes us unique:

We are mindful of the lifespan of each and every single one of our projects, ensuring a myriad possibilities that may be used and evolved over time. Our creed manifests a unique way of going through life, driven by the ambition to inspire our team, be trusted by our clients, and be sought-after by the industry.

Areas of expertise:

We would like to say, the thoughtful use of colours and materials and keeping things timeless yet comfortable. Lighting is also one of the important aspects in our design process as we feel that without a good lighting plan, a space will look dead no matter how good the design may be.

Upcoming plans:

We would like to diversify and expand into various creative sectors, and to take a multidisciplinary creative approach by integrating branding and spatial design.

Best design advice:

Build a timelessly chic foundation, and then accessorise with abandon.

Parallelogram Design logo / (65) 6980 5557 / (65) 8768 6840 / / 80 Changi Road, #04-11 Centropod, Singapore 419715

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