Parallelogram Design

Established: 2019

Parallelogram Design

From left: Wilson Ong, Senior Designer; Anthea Tang, Designer; EK Wong, Founder; Aloysius Ong, Founder/Creative Director; and Solo, Designer

What we are known for:
Parallelogram Design creates bespoke spaces informed by their use, context and opportunity. We are mindful of the lifespan of our projects, and ensure they carry a myriad possibilities that may be used and evolved over time. Our creed manifests a unique way of going through life, driven by the ambition to inspire our team, be trusted by our clients, and be sought-after by the industry.

Best moments in our work:
We believe in the importance of storytelling; each space has its own unique and inspiring narrative to tell. Therefore, our best moments will always be the process from conceptualising to making it all come true. Awards are a bonus for us, and we are always looking to push ourselves and improve.

What we want to explore in 2023:
We want to take on a fresh multidisciplinary approach to the work that we do by integrating branding and spatial design. The studio thrives on process-driven design solutions and weaves human centric strategy, as well as space and visual communication into distinctive experiences.

Parallelogram Design logo / (65) 6980 5557 / (65) 8768 6840 / / 80 Changi Road, #04-11 Centropod, Singapore 419715

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